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The Beauty of the Baltic

The Baltic amber deposits range between 35 to 80 million years old and are the largest source of amber yet discovered. A piece of amber looks like a stone, but when held gives a deep feeling of warmth. When heated, amber will emit a gentle resin scent. These sensations made people feel better and believe in the healing power of amber.

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‘A piece of amber I take in my hand
from the seaweed on the Baltic strand.

It burns a longing in the skin of my hand-
tell me, stone, what message you bring to this land!

A vision from your singular shimmering light
spellbinds the sea waves’ continuous flight.

Is your secret
sealed eternity?

Wera Engberg
Translation by Jonas Leijonhufvud

Our Story

Those of you who have visited Historic Long Grove within the past 13 years probably remember a small amber store by the bridge. Now the store’s door is closed, but we are opening new venues of reaching our customers beyond the state and country borders. Amberland Artisans now offers nature inspired goods carefully selected from the craftsmen in the Baltic countries through the internet and home jewelry parties.

Browse the Amberland Artisans Online Store and discover a world of rich materials, vibrant colors, and striking designs. The linen collection ranges from traditional designs to latest trends in the world market. We feature hand bound journals, hand painted ceramics, silk paintings and knits of exquisite quality and uniqueness. Our exclusive jewelry artists introduce you to ancient Baltic reproductions, dating back to the 2nd century, as well as their own inspirations. And of course amber, amber and more amber…

Amberland Artisans Baltic Amber Agita Grants

Illinois’ most popular provider of unique Baltic amber jewelry, weavings and various art & crafts.

We are proud to represent one of the largest, if not the only, selection of hand-loomed flax linens in North America.

Perhaps the largest display in the Midwest of unique goods from Baltic artisans including:

  • Traditional and creative weaving from raw or fine linen and wool from Latvia
  • Knitted mittens and socks made of homespun or refined wool
  • Baskets and other containers crafted from birch bark to spruce root
  • Pottery and small sculptures
  • Silk scarves and wall hangings
  • Leather boxes and other items

Amberland Artisans brings artistry and expert craftsmanship from the Baltic Region.

Amberland Artisans founder, Agita Grants, credits growing up in the Latvian countryside for the development of an appreciation of high quality hand-made artwork.

A pastoral environment of rolling hills, forests and lakes along with the colors of the seasons created her love of natural materials used by artisans. During frequent visits home, Agita meanders through the countryside visiting artists and collecting exciting and tasteful new offerings for you.

We hope you will love what you see in our store.